How To Stand Out At A BNI Meeting

My journey to this realisation began with a simple task: switching my mobile phone service provider. Following a widespread service outage, I contacted Telstra, a well-regarded Australian company. Expecting an insightful sales pitch, I posed a direct question: “Why should I choose Telstra over other providers?” Surprisingly, the response was a lackluster “because we’re the best.” This experience was eye-opening, underscoring the need for a more compelling sales approach.

The Common Pitfall in Business Pitches

When customers inquire, “Why should I choose you?” many of us in business, including BNI members, often rely on generic responses like years of experience, industry rankings, or certifications. While these are valid points, they’re not distinctive enough. If every competitor claims similar attributes, your business becomes just another face in the crowd.

Standing Out in a Sea of Competitors 

Imagine searching for a service in your area, say, “plumber in Castle Hill.” The search results represent your direct competition. In a world full of ‘hungry sharks’, differentiating yourself is crucial. How do you avoid blending in and instead, stand out?

A Creative Challenge to Elevate Your Business

 I introduced a simple yet effective exercise in my BNI group: describe why someone should choose your business over others in one sentence, without using typical claims like experience or certifications. This exercise pushes you to think creatively and identify what truly makes your business unique.

  • Highlight unique achievements (e.g., awards, recognitions)
  • Share compelling customer stories that demonstrate your impact
  • Educate potential clients and direct them to valuable resources

My Personal Example My Approach as a Marketer When asked why to choose my marketing services, I say, “I’m an Australian Small Business Champion finalist for digital marketing.” This statement establishes my authority and uniqueness in the field, differentiating me from the competition.

The essence of business, even within a supportive network like BNI, is competition. To thrive, it’s vital to stand out with a unique value proposition. Remember, in business, it’s not just about what you do, but how you do it differently that counts.

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Jamie Williamson

Head Honcho @ Umped