Taking Your BNI CEUs To The Next Level With This Awesome Hack

Howdy fellow BNI members from Australia and beyond! In this BNI education piece I share some insider tips and tricks to enhance your BNI experience. I’m going to do a deep dive into a into a cool approach to maximise your Chapter Education Units (CEUs) with the help of Chat-GPT and Note-GPT.

Breaking the BNI CEU Mold: A Fresh Perspective

Tired of the same old BNI educational resources? You’re not alone. Letโ€™s explore how to push beyond these boundaries. Using my marketing background, I’ve discovered awesome ways to get more benefits from your CEU’s. Instead of making them a chore, lets make them useful for future reference.

We all know the drill โ€“ at least one hour of education weekly, whether through BNI podcasts or self-learning to keep us in the good books.

But what if AI could make this process more efficient and personalised?

Imagine sitting back and having an AI create perfect summaries of your educational content and even the podcasts you’re listening to for your BNI CEUs?

Personally, having to sit there and take notes is not something I could ever get into. So here’s an easier way I summarise Education Pieces and CEUs with 2 simple tools.

Step-by-step how to level up your CEUs

  1. Firstly install the Note-GPT plugin onto your Google Chrome browser.
  2. Navigate to any Youtube video
  3. On the right in a blue box the Note-GPT plugin will show. Here you’ll be able to transcribe all spoken word in that youtube video.
  4. On the ‘Prompt’ tab you’ll be able to then have the video summarised by Chat-GPT

And that is it!

Make the output your own

You can also custom write the prompt to ensure the output of the summary is easier for you to absorb. As we all know – everyone learns differently. Some of us might like short concise bullet points to revise to in the future. Others, might like 3-4 longer paragraphs deeply describing in details the content or video.

To customise the prompt

  1. Navigate back to your Youtube video where Note-GPT is open on.
  2. Click the little “GEAR” icon which will then take you to settings
  3. Click “Summary”
  4. You’ll now find the section to customise your prompts to your like.

Cool prompts you can use in Note-GPT

  • Prompt it to create social media post ideas with headings, image ideas and content ideas.
  • Use it for video ideas and have it write out a personalised script that you could use

I hope all of this helps! I use the same technique to help me write my BNI education piece blogs, Youtube captions and even the post slug on a blog post.

Chat-GPT & Note-GPT in combination of eachother work so well together.

I hope this helps ease some pain when it comes to doing your CEUs in BNI.

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Jamie Williamson

Head Honcho @ Umped