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In this video I share insights on boosting your business through effective marketing techniques and simple, but effective website improvements.

Timestamps πŸ‘‡

πŸ•’ 00:00 – Introduction
πŸ•’ 02:40 – Common marketing misconceptions.
πŸ•’ 05:20 – Importance of website design.
πŸ•’ 10:00 – Standing out, avoiding copycat syndrome, and building trust.
πŸ•’ 14:30 – Providing free content and using real photos.
πŸ•’ 17:45 – Clear call-to-action buttons.
πŸ•’ 20:00 – Significance of having a compelling offer in marketing.
πŸ•’ 22:20 – How-To win in a niche industry
πŸ•’ 25:23 – Ad retargeting existing users

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