$0 Marketing Stack.

Here are the exact marketing apps and software I would recommend that offer awesome Free Tiers. Most of the apps below have paid versions where you get extra features. But in most cases when starting out their free variants are more than enough to keep your business moving.  


Collect customer emails, send them regular updates and special offers. 


Manage leads as they come in. Bigin is by far the best with its free option, however hubspot is super powerful once you upgrade it to any of its paid options and is much more feature packed in the long run. 


Zoho Books Free Verision is more than enough to manage invoices as a smaller business. Wave comes in a close second. 

Design Apps

There is a tonne of places you can start with designing creatives. Canva is by far the best though which will be suitable for 95.4% of businesses. However, chucked in Visme as a close second. 

Task Management

Managing various tasks is a headache if you use pen and paper. Try the below instead!

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