Social Media Marketing.

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Be seen on the worlds largest social networks

Easily connect with more customers directly through Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok and Pinterest.. Drive more sales and leads to your business through the worlds most popular and familiar social network.

Communicate with the right people

Target people who would be looking for your product or service. By using each platforms extremely detailed targeting options you can show ads to people based on age, gender, career, job occupation and more.

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Get the results you want

Brand Awareness

Get your business infront of as many people as possible.

Website Visits

Give a reason for people to visit youre shopfront or goto your website.

Sales or Leads

Campaigns dedicated to generating leads, phone calls and online store sales.

Set a budget that works for you

Social media advertising works with virtually any budget.

Simply choose a monthly budget cap and you’ll never go over it, the best part is you can pause or stop the campaigns at any time.

google ads budgets are flexible

Spoilt for choice

I can help with smashing KPI’s across all major social platforms.
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Lets talk Social Media

No matter your business goals there is always a solution through Facebook and Instagram Ads. Contact me today and see how I can help you grow your business.

Frequent questions

To put it simply there is a clear difference between social media advertising and Google Ads. With social media advertising you’re feeding people ads based on your selected interests and audiences that you’ve chosen. Whereas Google Ads you’re showing to people who are in-market for your product or service.

Generally you’ll find social media advertising is great to get your brand out there to an audience quickly and is most of the time much, much cheaper than advertising on Google Ads.

You can start advertising for as little as $3 a day across the social networks. Keep in mind, although its great you can spend so little per day on ads, the kicker is your ads won’t be shown to as many people. As a general idea – the more you spend, the more people will get the chance to see your ads.

When you do choose to do social media advertising you’ll be show across their networks. 

On Facebook and Instagram this also includes stories and reels.

Pinterest you’ll be seen in the feeds and shopping tabs.

Tiktok you’ll appear as you’re swiping through videos.

Each social platform has a massive data-base of demographics, interests, user behaviours.

This gives you the flexibility to show ads to audiences that mean most to your business.

However, you’re not limited by these audiences you can also target by location, age and gender.

As a rule of thumb, I recommend spending at least $30 / day per. platform.

This will give you enough ad spend to show ads to a good amount of people while also allowing you to gather enough data to make informed changes.

If you would like to create a larger impact I recommend spending as much budget as your marketing fund allows you to broaden your reach.