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Google Ads Freelancer.

Hey! I’m Jamie, a Google Ads freelancer based out in Sydney.

If you’re looking to generate more leads or sales for your business you really need to start with Google Ads.

Honestly, I love what I do! I know, I know…cheesy right. However, over the years I have been fortunate enough to run PPC ads for humble local start-ups, all the way to multi-national franchises and beyond. 

If you’re looking for a driven, passionate down-to-earth bloke that hustles to crush goals for you, then you need a Google Ads freelancer like me! 😊

ps. I service Australia-wide so it doesn’t matter if you’re in Perth, Gold-Coast, Brisbane or any other major city. I have you covered.

Google Ads freelancer Jamie Williamson

Google Ads Certified

8+ Years In Marketing

International Experience

Millions In Adspend

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Play Video about Marketing Freelancer and Google Ads expert Jamie Williamson

Drool-worthy results.

Consistant 5x ROAS over 90+ days

For an online dental care store, selling teeth whitening products to Australia + NZ

400+ leads month-to-month

For a bathroom renovations company using a META & Google Advertising

30%+ click to conversion rate

Over a 90 day period for a Sydney-based rubbish removal company.

4+ million ad impressions per month

For one of Australia’s most reputable telecom + NBN provider across Google

+100’s more with business changing results like this…

Google Ads freelancer Jamie Williamson

I’m a trusted Google Ads Partner.

The first step to hiring any Adwords Freelancer, or marketing agency is to check they’ve been vetted and verified by Google. Fortunately enough, I tick this box.

+ Ads certified.

No joke, one of the most boring things about getting verified by Google is the lengthy, super tedious exams you must complete. Below is a selection of the exams I’m certified in – ranging from Google Search Ads, to YouTube Ads and beyond.

Google Ads Search Certified badge
Google Shopping Ads Certified badge
Google Video Ads Certified Badge
Google Display Ads Certified Badge

No other adwords consultant is as passionate as me.

Meet Connor, Kade, Nish & Simone – Some of my very close clients I’ve been working with to generate a better and more structured marketing strategy aimed at generating more leads for their businesses. 

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More testimonials and reviews can be viewed here.

I’m Sydney based, but serving Australia-wide.

It really doesn’t matter if you’re based in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Perth, Canberra, Hobart or any other major city across Australia. Location does not affect me crushing goals for you.

Experience where it matters the most.

Over my career I have been fortunate enough to work with some pretty major brands on their paid media campaigns and have enjoyed every second of it.

Why Google Ads?

No waiting around like SEO

Unlike SEO where you need to wait 6-12 months to see any kind of real results. Google Ads show up almost immediately once the campaign is switched live. The best part? You only pay for results like phone calls, or clicks to your website. 

Google’s AI is smarter than us.

I’m really not lying here. It’s insanely crazy how powerful Google’s AI (artificial intelligence) is. It takes into account endless amounts of user signals, location, search history… you name it, to ensure you’re getting bang for your buck and not throwing any money down the drain. You can also target users to your service area, Australia-wide and beyond with the help of its hyper-targeting settings. 

google ads freelancer image of a phone with a google ad

Crush your business KPI's

Brand Awareness

Keep your brand top of mind and be seen everywhere, all the time.

Website Visits

Easily generate quality website clicks for users interested in your product or service.

Sales or Leads

The #1 choice for most small businesses. This is the real reason you choose Google Ads.

Show up everywhere

Be absolute spoilt with choice with the ability to show up across Google Search, YouTube, Gmail, Discovery and Google’s marketing partners. In the end, I select the platform most relevant to achieving your goals. 

Google Ads Australia
Youtube Advertising

Spend peanuts, still get results.

Having a Google Ads freelancer like me is the first step to saving money. 

Google Ads works well because you’re showing ads to people who are physically searching for your product or service right now. So the intent is much higher.

As a general guideline, you want to start with at least $1500 / month ad spend. I always say – the more, the merrier as it allows me to learn, optimise and analyse data quicker. 

Google Ads freelancer budgets

Want free tips?

I’m a big believer in ‘knowledge is power’ – to date I have 100+ marketing videos breaking down all I’ve learnt over the years across Google Ads, Facebook and more. Check out some of my favourites below:

Hungry to learn more? Follow my Youtube, Tiktok or Instagram

What others say.

Ashton T.
Ashton T.
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Jamie's the man for Google Ads at Gathar! Super friendly and straight-up honest, he's not just pushing buttons – he's delivering a strategic approach and insights that genuinely add to our bottom line. We're a high-growth start-up with lean budgets, so it's absolutely crucial we are supported by the right experts, like Jamie. We have complete trust in Jamie as our performance media channel owner, running our paid campaigns across global markets. If you're looking for someone to steer your digital advertising efforts to success, Jamie is your go-to guy.
Francesca F.
Francesca F.
Read More
Jamie is fantastic to work with and I have recommended him to many of my friends. We had previously worked with a few ad agencies that were not pulling results and didn’t really hear our needs, so I was looking for someone with a more personal approach who actually cared about our business and our results. Jamie is exactly that and more - he is onto things before we are, has worked and tried different campaigns to find the perfect one for us, and I can tell he is genuinely excited for our business growth! Highly recommend him to anyone looking to grow their business!
Melanie K.
Melanie K.
Read More
I had the pleasure of working with Jamie for our Google Ads and I must say, it was a fantastic experience! Jamie is not only super easy to get along with, but also incredibly skilled at what he does. He did an awesome job, is super communicative and I couldn't be happier with the results. I highly recommend Jamie for any Google Ads project.
Yunus O.
Yunus O.
Read More
After trying out multiple agencies to manage our Google Ads, I stumbled upon Jamie, and the experience has been exceptional. Not only have we seen outstanding results, but Jamie's communication style makes the entire process effortless and enjoyable. From the very beginning, Jamie's expertise and dedication have shone through, consistently delivering impressive outcomes. It's refreshing to work with someone who not only understands our business needs but also goes the extra mile to ensure our goals are met. We highly recommend Jamie as an outstanding ads manager who consistently delivers excellent results and maintains a seamless channel of communication.
Tugce S.
Tugce S.
Read More
Working with Jamie has been absolutely amazing! He has been an absolute rockstar in driving our sales as a new business at Quality Roof Racks. Jamie's expertise in managing Google Ads campaigns and his ability to optimise our strategies have truly exceeded our expectations. Thanks Jamie!
Daniel K.
Daniel K.
Read More
Absolute legend! I have worked with so many google “specialists” in the past and most have fallen short of fulfilling the expectations of engaging a “specialist”! From the first meeting I had with Jamie, it was clear he did not fall into that category of a self proclaimed specialist in this realm, but instead was a master of it. It was Evident from the beginning Jamie was a genuine expert and has helped us achieve great results since engaging him. Would definitely recommend him, seperate to his expertise in the google space, he is also a gentleman, honest, upfront and easy to work with.
Jamin K.
Jamin K.
Read More
I've worked with Jamie for a few months now, and after working with other agencies who promise the world but don't deliver, I can honestly say that Jamie is amazing. What a different experience working with someone who knows what they're doing and is committed to seeing our business succeed! Within a month he was already getting better results than we got after almost a year and 10s of thousands spent with a different agency. Jamie has completely turned our Google Ads campaigns around. He's a really great guy to work with and he gets results. Highly recommend
Lara G.
Lara G.
Read More
Jamie is one of the absolute best - knows performance marketing back to front. I have worked with Jamie across multiple brands and he has been able to consistently deliver outstanding results. A great communicator and a great guy to work with. Very trustworthy. Highly recommended.
Dan T..
Dan T..
Read More
As a successful marketing agency, we know the importance of getting regular independent insight to keep us on our toes. As smart as we think we are, you can never underestimate views from outside your own ecosystem. I reached out to Jamie because he's a swiss army knife when it comes to the plethora of ad opportunities within the wheelhouse of Google Ads and he's got all the badges that attest to his smarts in this fast-changing space. Importantly, he only does Google ads which gives him that super-power that comes through specialisation. He's street-wise, straight to the point and great to work with! Book him in!

What you get?

Honestly, my job is to smash your KPI’s so this means I will do whatever I need to get the job done. There is no limited on campaigns, ad groups or keywords (within means of your budget)

Think of me like the Harry Potter of Google Ads. I swing my wand, cool stuff happens and all the sudden you’re getting form leads, phone calls and sales… all to leave your competitor ‘stupified’ 😂

Also, as an added bonus you can pick my brain whenever you want for any marketing related question you have.

Think we’d be a good fit?

Lets chat Google Ads! Either fill out the form below or give me a call on 0430 035 855 

Not convinced?

Frequent questions

Google Ads are a fast and easy way to get your business in front of people looking for your products or services. The best feature of Google Ads is that your business will almost instantly appear on Google after your ads have been created. Search Ads, which are ads that show up when a user searches on, are the most common Google Ads feature. In addition, they offer a broad variety of other placements, including display ads, YouTube commercials, Discovery ads, and many more. If you would like a success campaign you need to hire an PPC Freelancer just like me. 

Google Ads charges for their advertising in a variety of ways depending on the type of campaign you plan to run. Pay-per-click advertising is the most common type (also known as PPC). This choice is available throughout Google Search, and you only pay when a user clicks your advertisement. This option is great because you don’t have to pay to have your advertisements shown, so every time a user sees one, you get free advertising.

You can choose to pay per 1000 impressions for other Google positions (CPM). As your primary goal is to get eyes on your brand rather than clicks or leads, these types of campaigns are primarily for brand recognition.

Yes, of course! With Google Ads, you can easily target users in your specific geographic region, whether that be Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Gold Coast, or any other city within your service area. This can be particularly useful if your business relies on local customers or foot traffic, such as a brick-and-mortar store or a service-based business. By using local targeting, your company can make sure that only people who are physically in the area where you operate will see your advertisements, which can help you draw in highly qualified visitors to your website or physical location. The target market for a company’s ads can be further narrowed by combining local targeting with other targeting techniques, such as demographics or keyword targeting.

In Google Ads, you can establish spending limits so that you can keep your daily expenses within your acceptable range. Because you only get paid when someone hits on your advertisement, there may be days when you don’t use all of your budgets (pay-per-click).

This is simply a sign that there wasn’t much interest in your target keywords, which is not necessarily a negative thing. Remember that if you don’t use your daily allotment, there will be no fee.

When you last attended an auction, recall how several bidders increased the price until only the top bidder remained. Similar to Google Advertising, but with a few guidelines that can help you anticipate your potential spending. If you’re in a highly competitive niche or industry, you might get lucky and only have to pay $0.30 for each individual who clicks on your ad, or you might have to pay as much as $30.00 per click.

Google Ads across Australia usually range from $0.05 to $5.00 per click.

It’s critical to realise that these expenses could alter. One company will pay less than the other if both are vying for the same highly competitive term, for example, and one of you has a better quality score. You can lower your PPC costs by selecting less competitive keywords or by being more specific when addressing your audience. Finding the right balance is necessary to achieve excellent results and a good return on investment.

You can see your business when someone searches on Google. Consider yourself a plumber in Perth. When people look for a “plumber in Perth,” you can use Google Ads to let them know you are available. However, given that almost everyone conducts these searches on Google, it can be challenging to compete with that degree of exposure.

You truly only pay for results with Google Ads, which is another factor contributing to its popularity. Due to its high relevance, targeting the specific service or product you sell improves the likelihood of generating a lead or a sale. The idea is to target the hottest terms at the lowest part of the marketing funnel when the user is actively ready to hire or buy your product. Additionally, when you find a keyword (or set amount of keywords) you can boost your budget and acquire more clicks when you discover a term that truly converts.

The goal is to target the most popular terms at the bottom of the sales funnel, when the user is eagerly prepared to use your service or purchase your good. Additionally, if you uncover a keyword (or collection of keywords) that really converts, you can increase your budget and get more clicks.

Without any previous knowledge, without a doubt!

The biggest challenges when using Google Ads are always coming up with a plan and optimising your campaigns. Anyone can set up a campaign, but not everyone understands how to develop a plan that will actually result in leads or sales, in reality.

Additionally, you’ll probably wind up overpaying for some keywords. Because of this, some businesses spend thousands of dollars on Google Ads without getting the desired outcomes.

I will develop Google Ad strategies that actually work and surpass all of your KPIs and goals using my experience and industry knowledge. I put them up, monitor them, and ensure that you receive the best return on your investment.

If you need, you need to contact an Adwords Freelancer just like me to help!

There are many choices available to you when selecting a Google Ads marketing provider across Australia, including agencies or Adswords Freelancers just like myself.

You should first confirm that they are Google Certified. Each Google Ads expert must pass these accreditation exams each year to demonstrate their proficiency with the platform. I’m not going to lie: These exams are unbelievably dull! However, they must be completed.

Along with these accreditations, it’s critical to discover a partner who truly comprehends your industry. Ask for examples of how they have created successful campaigns for companies similar to yours and look for someone with demonstrable results.

Finding a Google Ads Freelancer who is totally transparent and who focuses on data-driven results is a good option because Google Ads is all about data.

A huge red flag is when agencies or PPC freelancers aren’t transparent or won’t give you access to your Google Ads data. A good partner will be honest about the fact that optimisation takes time and work to ensure that the wait is worthwhile. Likewise, don’t believe anyone who guarantees fast results.

Of course! As long as you’re based in Australia its fine. I’m based in Sydney however majority of the businesses I work with are based in every other major city in Australia including: Melbourne, Perth, Canberra, Tasmania, Hobart, Gold Coast and even Sunshine Coast.