Marketing is not always fairies and unicorns, sometimes it’s damn hard.

I don’t know if there are any other marketers out there that can agree with me, but I tell you… our jobs are so hard right.

But I can’t blame anyone.

It’s just, COVID19.

COVID19 has changed everyone.

Everyone’s buying habits have been completely flipped over on the backside and techniques that worked well before all this craziness happened, don’t work as well now.

We also can’t take any of the learnings that we have learnt before because what we’re finding is what was working once upon a time for a client, matter of being a certain kind of audience or age group or a certain kind of angle you’re going at doesn’t work any more because users buying habits have changed.

People are still scared to go outside.

People don’t want to shop.

It has really changed the standard buyer’s habits and what we’re doing as marketers to try to get the same leads or sales doesn’t work anymore.

This is something that we just have to accept now.

What we’re experiencing is the new norm. We can’t just think, Oh…it’s just going to end, and everything’s gonna get back to normal where all the things that were working before will work again.

Look…it’s probably not going to ever go back to normal.

I feel like this insecurity of buyers around Australia is at an all-time high.

The hardest part right now for me is just trying to adapt as quickly as possible so I can maintain client results and not screw myself over and make it feel like I’m wasting their money.

I like to flip the switch off after work once it hits five o’clock or six o’clock.

Enjoy my family.
Enjoy my pets.
Eat some nice food.

But, because there is more pressure on us more than ever these days to impress these clients.

We just can’t flick the switch and relax.

As marketers we just want to help.

Want to see our clients grow and make more money.

In the end they come to us to help them and put their trust in us.

And their hard-earned money in our hands to spend the right way.

If you’re a small business owner and you’re reading this thinking to yourself “I’ve gone to a marketer and I’ve asked them to run Facebook ads or Google ads, and it’s not working just yet”

Just give us a bit more time.

The learning is taking a lot longer with all this craziness.

We’re still adapting to this change.

Obviously, we’re going to strive to do what we think would work straight away. But the biggest part of our job is to just continue to optimize and keep testing.

I know you’re struggling at this point of time and you may have lost money, you’re surrounded by stress and your business is struggling.

But you have to give us time to test and develop.

Picture of Jamie Williamson

Jamie Williamson

Head Honcho @ Umped