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Grow your side hustle into a money making beast

We all dream it, but getting there is the real problem. We all have humble beginnings, but taking the right first steps will save you time, sleep and a lot of money. 

So, what is after hours consulting?

A side hustle, is a side hustle right? You work full time, and you grind the time outside your working hours to make your epic idea a reality. Due to this you don’t have time between your usual 9-5 to meet with people like me to help grow your side hustle.

This is when the magic happens (and I come in 😉)

After hours consulting works outside of these hours giving you the ability to meet with me between 6am til 8am in the morning. Then, from 7-10pm at night. This is the real difference. Dreams never sleep, neither should learning how to grind your way to a better night’s sleep.

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So, how does it work?

A bit of a break down below on the process and what to expect.

Your Story

We’ll deep dive into finding more about you, your business, its offering and your dream goal (yes, the dream could be sipping pina colada’s on a beach in mexico 😉)

Taking Aim

Dig into your ideal buyer. We’ll chat about what they do, what makes them tick and all the little nitty gritty. Don’t know yet? We can work it out together. 

The Action

This is the fun part, ‘The Action’ is where we build up a plan to target your ideal buyer. Discuss marketing platforms, budgets and the angle to take initially.


Hey I’m Jamie! 

I’m Driven by a ridiculous amount passion, backed by data. My drive to meet client goals is merely an understatement.

With a history of crushing client KPI’s across Australia, USA, NZ, and the UK developing performance driven campaigns for B2B and B2C industries.

No matter if you need sales or leads, I have the skills and in-depth knowledge to set a target on your goals and crush them.

Curious to know more? Dig a little deeper here.

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Lets talk Side Hustles

No more dreaming about a better future. Turn your side hustle into a full time job quicker with my help. Say G’Day today! 

Frequent questions

Yeah, good question really. Look, I know the pain of starting a side hustle and trying to get it up and going with the end goal of turning the side hustle big enough to quit your main job and go out on your own.

I help with placing your money into the right advertising platforms to ensure you get ‘bang for buck’. From experience, I know some platforms (i.e. Google Ads, Social Ads, TikTok etc) will work significantly better for you starting off than

Generally, your starting ad budgets are really thin… And I get that.

That’s why ensuring you hit the right platform first will allow you to start your hustle on the right foot without dropping bucket loads of cash. It’s all about being strategic in the end and that’s what I’m good at and here for.

It’s like asking ‘how long is a piece of string’. There is no real correct answer, unfortunately. Depending on the kind of end goal you want and the industry you’re in will decide the final recommended starting budget.

If I were to give a rough figure. Usually, I would start with a minimum of $1500 per / ad platform.

Of course not, that would be silly of me.

It’s just the angle of approach I’ve taken to promote. Whether you’re a 1-man band in the industry for years, or a well established business with a full team – I can help.

I’ve worked with businesses of all sizes, in the end they all have one similarity… where they dream they want to be and not knowing how to get there.

My consulting bookings run outside your standard 9am-5pm work days.

In the mornings it’s from 6-8am

The evenings, anywhere from 7-10pm

Why? Because I find people are better switched on before or after work when there isn’t a massive list of tasks that they REALLLY needs to be done.

If this doesn’t work for you, no worries we can work out a time between 9-5.