The Ultimate A.I Showdown: Dale-E vs. the New Kid on the Block

You understand the value of visually appealing and engaging images as a content creator or marketer. And, with the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) technology, creating stunning images with minimal effort is now easier than ever. There are several AI copywriting websites available that can generate high-quality content, including Copy AI and Javis AI. There are also image manipulation programmes, such as Dal-e, that let you enter text and receive an image in return.

But today, I’d like to introduce you to PhotoRoom, a new AI tool that takes image creation to the next level. The main goal of this programme website is to generate backgrounds based on your input, and I must say that it’s a game changer for any AI manipulation software.

All you need to do is simply describe the background you want to use in PhotoRoom, and the website will do the rest. For example, I asked for a wooden table with a flower pot against a photorealistic background, and this is what the programme came up with (see video above)

The image is so lifelike that it’s difficult to believe it was created by an AI program.

PhotoRoom is just one example of AI technology’s incredible capabilities. It’s changing the way we create content and advertising materials, and it’s making producing professional-quality images easier than ever. If you want to improve your image skills, I highly recommend giving PhotoRoom a shot.

Picture of Jamie Williamson

Jamie Williamson

Head Honcho @ Umped