Keep this in mind when creating ads on Facebook

What you need to keep in mind when you’re creating ads is, people are getting more immune to seeing ads on a day-to-day basis.

Because we go through different websites and go up and down Instagram and Facebook newsfeed, we’re seeing hundreds upon hundreds of different ads a day.

A lot of the time, I bet you don’t even notice it because they all just kind of blend straight into the newsfeeds.

And that’s the problem.

And this is where a lot of people go wrong.

They are being so dull and boring that they just try to blend into the newsfeed. They don’t try to think and try to stop you and try to get you to stop so you can engage in the ad.

And that’s the biggest factor when you’re advertising. You’re supposed to get people to engage with your ads.

Maybe start with writing a question or something that’s going to be like, “All right. Yes, I’m going to stop and read this ad.”

The other thing you’ve got to look into is the actual image below it. So a lot of people still use the rectangle images. They’re cool, they’re fine.

But the problem with that is a lot of people will be viewing Facebook and Instagram feed on their mobile devices.

So they actually show images better if they’re just a square.

They look bigger on the newsfeed.

So a lot of people are still making this mistake by doing those rectangle kinds of images.

If you can make a square image on the newsfeed, you’ll find that people will be able to engage higher with it because they see more of it when they’re scrolling up and down their newsfeeds.

The other thing you got to look out for is headlines of the ad.

So if you’re doing an ad on Facebook and Insta, the part underneath, which is usually in the gray box.

A good example of how is to write these headlines is to follow how news articles do it. Check out your local news sources, like Channel 7 or Channel 9 to get a better idea how they do it.

They write headlines and the descriptions that will get you triggered and make you want to click the link on the article and find out more. This is what you got to keep in mind.

So like I said, everyone is getting more immune to ads every day, so what you got to do is just think, what is going to make people in your demographic, or who you’re trying to target,

And make them stop and be like, “Damn, I’ve got to read this ad.”

Once you work that out, that’s when you find that your campaign goes from a lower performing campaign then starts slowly, gradually getting better and better as you develop and work out what keeps making your buyer persona trigger.

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Jamie Williamson

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