A marketing secret Kmart doesn’t want you to know…

Alright, this video is doing the rounds right now, and I want to bring up the point in the first part of the video. Have a watch.

“Marketing secrets they don’t want you to know – Kmarts price tags are all white to evoke feelings of cleanliness, minimalism and efficiency in relation to their products.”

Firstly, let me make it clear and say yes, colour does invoke emotion to a certain point.

But fuck me, we’re literally talking about Kmart here.

You can walk in with literally $10 wanting to buy one thing. You walk out with a whole fucking trolley load worth of shit, and you still only spent $10.

White labels with black text is purely a printing and cost issue. It’s very expensive to print colour on paper. That’s why they use black ink on white paper. Simple. That’s the real reason.

The biggest thing that you should be paying attention to is the fact of how Kmart actually does price their products. They price them in such a way that it does perceive as a better value product. Next time you go into Kmart, which is probably tonight, because you’re probably going to need some uggies or something, you’ll see what I’m saying?

Look how they price their products, and you’ll see how they are perceived as a better-valued product. In the five years I’ve been in marketing, I’ve never thought to myself that I have to put a white background, a black text to invoke a certain kind of emotion.

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