Lead form ads for GoogleAds – they’re coming.

For awhile now I believe Google has been a little behind in developing new ways of generating leads over the Google Search platform.

However to this day I still believe Facebook has been the top innovator when it comes to capturing leads with lead generation ads, conversion ads and a newish feature which offers bot-esque type messenger ads. These features have seen client cost-per-aquisitions slashed dramatically as they simplfy the need not to leave Facebook’s platform giving the user a much easier way of contacting busineses.

Which come on lets be honest is super smart of Facebook.

Users are getting lazier by the day.

Recent studies have proven that human attention spans are now less than a goldfish. I’m not joking.

Let me let that sink in for a moment. A goldfish.

Recently spotted by Twitter user @stevenjohns21, Google has been testing lead form ads on selected whitelisted agency accounts.

These lead form ads act similarly to how you would implement a standard ‘ad extensions’ in the GoogleAds interface and will appear alongside your standard GoogleAds.

They look and feel much like call and message extensions.

Advertisers will be able to customise lead form ads with their own titles and descriptions with the options of what information they’d like to gather from the users ie: name, email or phone number.

Google is even allowing advertisers to design and upload a banner that will appear at the top of the lead form.

You can even customise the type of call-to-action that will appear when you submit the form – either a link to a website or more interestingly a direct download. Perfect for gated content.

However, as this feature is still in beta we know a lot can change between now and offical release to advertisers.

Well, GoogleAds… about time you start innovating search ads.

Like most advertisers, we’re over the inflated cost-per-click prices and look forward to testing a new way to bring client cost-per-acquisition down.

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Jamie Williamson

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