Its a real world out there. Real people. Real Consequences.

The world we live in right now is interesting, to say the least.

Every business is hurting. It doesn’t matter if your small or large you’re feeling it.

So are your employees.

I made a phone call the other day to a client to see how they were coping and give them a routine check.


When they answered that question I was lost for words.

It hurts you even more because you care for this persons business.

You’ve seen them grow,

Seen them make new hires,

Heard them tell you about how good everything is..

But nothing good lasts forever (apparently)

I think in this time we all need to be strong and accept our losses and know it’s not going to be like this forever.

It is temporary.

My suggestion to you, however.

Starting planning your marketing right now.

It doesn’t need to start day dot tomorrow, it can start when all this ‘non-essential’ service shutdown stops. Or when you feel its viably right for you.

Work out a budget – can be big or small.

Get some ideas where you want to advertise, there is literally a plethora of avenues you can take.

  • Facebook or Instagram Ads
  • Google Ads
  • EDMs (emails)
  • Print some flyers and letterbox drop

Organically without spending a cent there are also plenty of ways to still get your brand out there.

  • Facebook Posts & Live recordings
  • Instagram stories
  • Post on your Google My Business page
  • Youtube videos

The list is literally so long I’d wipe out my 5000 character count limit of this post.

Just don’t give up.

It is a long hard road ahead and if you play your cards right you’ll pull yourself out of this mess quicker and easier than you think.

Picture of Jamie Williamson

Jamie Williamson

Head Honcho @ Umped