4 Advertising platforms you can use to feed people your ads

Force-feeding Ads.. sounds pretty heavy right? But it’s true.

There are 4 platforms I use daily to force-feed client ads to users. By doing this you can show your product or service without having the user search for it themselves.

Think of it this way, if your ad is good enough to appeal to your select market, it almost turns into an ‘impulse’ buy/contact experience.

Kinda like the way you stare at that ‘over-priced’ jacket in a shop window.

Here’s how that thought process goes:

“Dayyyyymmm that would look nice on me”
“But, I don’t really need it do I?”
“But, Imagine the compliments i’ll get”
“This is a want, not a need… don’t be silly”
“Stop.. keep walking”
“Why am I talking to myself for FML”

2mins later

You’re walking out of the shop $250 poorer and still wondering why you did it.

It’s a similar experience with force-feeding ads.

First, you get them all excited with some creative copy and imagery.

The next you know they’re interested and willing to find out more.

This video I’m only listing these platforms at a basic detail.

Facebook (0:13 – 1:42) Yeap, no surprise here really. Every day while scrolling your newsfeed on Facebook you’ll come across about a billion different ads. The real question is.. how many actually grab your attention?

Instagram (1:42 – 3:00) The little brother of Facebook. Instagram works much the same way as Facebook. However, I would suggest pulling out a little bit extra ‘creative juices’ as this platform is much more visual than Facebook.

Youtube (3:00 – 4:12) Did you know Australian’s watch more Youtube these days then TV? No surprise really. This is a platform you have to learn to utilize to its fullest.

Display (4:12 – End) Ever been surfing the web and see all those image ads across a website trying to sell you something? Yep, those are display ads and if done correctly can help you generate so many clicks to your website you’d think you won the lotto.

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Jamie Williamson

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