Why attention is so important when advertising

All right.

Just a little tip if you’re creating videos and I’m just going to sort of throw it out there right now because I know a lot of us want to try to use videos these days because it does create more engagement and you’ve all you have probably read it creates more engagement.

And it does.

If you’re using a video on Facebook or Instagram, the engagement levels do go up, but they can go up even higher if you know how to do it the right way.

Now, what am I talking about?

What’s happening is I find a lot of advertisers or small businesses, medium businesses, when they put videos onto Facebook, they don’t tend to put the something that’s going to trigger someone at the start of the video.

I always find that the main message is put out in the middle towards the end of the video.

Now I’m going to be quite honest with you.

The chance of many people watching the full video on a daily basis when you’re advertising is minimal.

There are not many people that can sit there and watch through your one minute, five minute, 10 minute videos just chilling on the newsfeed when you advertise it.

So what’s happened is, there’s a study that’s been done and it’s been proven that humans have a lower attention span than a goldfish.

I’m just going to let that sink in for a bit…

And now if you keep that in mind, this kind of attention span is within the first sort of three to five seconds.

So if you don’t get the person in three to five seconds, well, they’re not going to get them at all. They’re going to keep scrolling down that newsfeed.

This is partly the reason why on YouTube when you’re watching YouTube and you start and press a new video and all of a sudden you’ve got that five-second ad you have to watch before you can skip.

It’s for that one reason because YouTube and Google have found out that your attention span only lasts for five seconds.

So if they do that kind of advertisement for any longer, it’s going to stop people from watching their videos.

And this is the same thing you got to think about when you’re doing your advertising. When you’re doing a video on your Facebook or Instagram, make sure the first five seconds is something that’s just going to grab that user or grab your buyer persona and make them sit there and watch it for the next 30 to maybe two minutes or however long you’re doing it.

If you can find what makes your buying demographic trigger in the first five seconds, you are going to have a gold mine of wealth and your performance is just going to jack and skyrocket like crazy.

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Jamie Williamson

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