Don’t fall for dodgy marketing funnels

I don’t know if you’ve ever really clicked on these ads before on Facebook where you click on them and it says…

“Oh, watch this video. And I’ll let you in on all my little secrets how we do this whole process to get a bazillion leads or generate six-figure of whatever you bloody want to call it on an e-Commerce store. And I’ll let you in for today for only $29.95”

Jeez, I tell you what they’re doing right now.

They’re just throwing you into a bloody funnel.

Now, what they’re trying to do is trying to sell you this copy and paste blueprint that is easy to find on the market.


These little six-figure experts don’t just happen overnight. And I guarantee you, they probably won’t even let you in on how they got to that six figures or seven or eight or 50 for whatever I give a crap about.

What I’m trying to say is you’ll end on this little landing page. What you see is captivating video or super long-form copy and it is like, oh, watch this video.

It’s going to explain everything.

And if you’re interested, enter your email in, or enter this in, and we’ll give you a free e-book, or we’ll give you another free complete master class.

All they’re trying to do is lure you in and push you down that funnel.

So us marketers have this thing we call a marketing funnel. Where you start at the top. You have no clue about us.

Next is the middle of the funnel where you have a bit more information about us and you might convert, or you might buy what we’re selling.

Then you have the bottom of the funnel when you’re really into what we do and you are willing to buy a lot of stuff that we offer.

Look, we all fall for this kind of stuff. But these funnels here are designed to sort of trick you down and make you spend more money as you go along.

For example, first, you see this ad, “Hey, here’s a free e-book.”


You click on the ad. And then what you end up on is on this mad long-form copy page where it says here, chuck in your name and your email and you can have his free e-book.


You’re going to hit another upsell page after that, most likely. So this upsell page is used to then now try to upsell you something physically, that has the pricing behind it.

So it might be like, “Oh, get the audio version for $15. Or get this extra masterclass package for $15 bucks.”

A lot of time you’ll find these upsells happen two to three times.

You’ll also probably see a lot of these marketing products themselves end in a 7.

It’s a marketing tactic.

It’s been proven that it helps convert people over the line easier because it seems than it really is.

So having a 7 at the end is one of the sort of secret tactics that we use.

However, what I’m just trying to tell you right now is that these marketing funnels are designed to trickle you down and make you spend more the deeper you go because you think you’re getting this increased value.

A lot of the time these marketing funnels are built on what they call click funnels.

It’s basically a funnel marketing system where you’ll be able to just make your landing pages on it.

Chuck a video on it, chuck a payment portal processor thing on the page.

And then basically you’ve got this full-blown funnel where you’ll get follow-up emails, you’ll get all these exclusive discounts. And they’ll just try to pull you in for whatever you got.

Be careful with all of those little gurus you see on Facebook and Instagram trying to promote their massive secret to growing their business exponentially.

It is not as good as you think.

These life lessons that you learn along the way are more important and you can’t just fall for a quick-rich, like get rich scheme kind of thing.

It’s just not going to happen.

You have to realise that a lot of the time, the content that you get from us is probably not the most amazing thing in the world. And you’ve just gone and paid all this money.

There are a few marketers out there which provide a lot of value when they do sell you these courses.

You got a few people like say Russell Brunson, for example, even good old Tony Robbins.

But just be careful, that’s all I’m saying.

Because we don’t want to fall for through one of those rabbit holes where you’ve gone and spent $5,000 on this super master class package which is going to transform your life.

When life skills are going to mean a lot more to you than a silly course that you’ve found from a random guy claiming he has a 50-figure business.

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Jamie Williamson

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