Back to work (cue the sadness)

Well, look whoose back…

So, I’m still struggling to trying to get up the normal time right now,

I’ll tell ya’ these holidays have been bloody bad. All I’ve done is sit around because of all this rain.

I can’t go to the beach, can’t go for road trips unless I want to go get my car flooded and turn it into a boat.

It’s just become a joke.

Christmas has been absolutely crazy. New Year’s was bloody weird not being able to get on the piss with all my mates and now I’m back.

I’m still struggling, trying to get through my first coffee. Everything does not feel right.

Now we have to wear face around over here in New South Wales.

Hey I’m going to look a bit more different, but it’s going to be pretty funny. I’m here because why not just get back into it is the 4th of January. No more wine or beer in my hand anymore. Its now back to having the coffee.

I think what the time is, we need start getting back into things, start waking up, get off our high horses and our little relaxation times and get back to the real stuff…And the real stuff is advertising for your business.

You had your little breaks.

You’re small business.

Everyone deserves a little break, but now you get back into it, get the money out of that bloody pocket, stop putting it down the drain and wasting it on a new bloody bottle of wine or case of beer and put onto Facebook or Google Ads to start showing for your services.

Get your face back out there. We’ve had our holiday. We’ve all understood that… Now stop trying to being in your little hidey hole behind your little brick wall you got there and get out in front of people.

That’s what I’m here to tell you today, I’m not here to do anything else.

I’m not here to educate you, to tell you get off her ass of yours and let’s start spending some money, get in front of those people’s eyes and show people you are around. And that’s it.

I’m out.

Not going to waste any more time.

Catch you later, Jamie.

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Jamie Williamson

Head Honcho @ Umped