Getting into your buyers mind and why you should be doing it

Alright, it’s time to tap into your buyer persona mind just by triggering them on the newsfeed on Facebook and Instagram. 

All right. So my last video, I sat down and spoke about asking the question in your ad creatives when you first started. And I also briefly touched base on trying to get into your buyer personas mind. 

Now, in this video, I’m going to take that buyer persona sort of getting in their mind just another step further look. This is something I do all the time, so I can try to dominate the newsfeed and just try to get into the right buyer’s mind. 

Because look on Facebook, they offer these things called interests, where you could target an interest. Hypothetically, I’m into soccer and I’ll type it soccer, and you’re going to hope you get to be shown in front of soccer fans, and let’s put it this way. It’s not going to happen because Facebook likes chucking you into random interests and demographics, which aren’t completely true.  

And I just don’t like it anymore. 

So by trying to narrow down and get inside your buyer persona’s is mind. It’s probably going to trigger that one person. So really you’re not going to be paying as much because you’re going to be getting sent towards the right kind of buyer. 

Like I said in my last video, I talked about trying to put yourself in their position.

Trying to think what they would think when it’s going down the newsfeed. Now let’s take it to another step further. What I like to do is I always go to my clients and be like, Hey, what is that one thing that triggers your buyer? And they come back to me with an answer or whatever it may be. And I’m like, alright, cool. 

So now what’s that going to make them trigger and stop. And then what you’re going to do is find that little nugget that you know that pain in their head that they’re trying to solve.

You find the ads that worked best on Facebook are ads that try to solve a problem. Right now with this whole COVID19 craziness happening. I’m getting a newsfeed full of a gazillion marketers is trying to sell the dream. And I tell you, these guys probably know what marketing is, but they see this opportunity. And they’re trying to get you triggered because they know you need to get your business back on track. 

So to start with all these kinds of emotional questions that, uh, trying to pull in your triggers of like, ah, crap, I didn’t get my business back on track. What am I going to do? Oh, look, there’s Mr. Rodney Rude over here with his 34 figure process. That’s going to get my business back on track and all I gotta pay is $997. 

Yeah, right…Mate you’re a bit of a loser anyway.  

Don’t fall for it. I kind of crazy tactics. 

Look when you’re doing your advertising on Facebook, you’re going to be obviously biased because this is your business. And you know exactly how this business works, but your customer or your ideal buyer persona has probably no clue what your business does. 

So this is where you’ve got to start thinking like, “Hmm, what triggers my buyer persona?” And look, if you’ve been in this business for her X amount of years, you probably know exactly what will trigger for them. Let’s use a physio for an example. 

Look, if you’re a physio or you’re trying to advertise on Facebook, you just got to trigger them using like, Oh, you know, have you got a pain in your shoulder that won’t go away? Or, Have you got a sore neck when you sit down?  

Something like that. And right there, it will trigger people who have this kind of issue that you could solve. My last video I said ‘start with a question’ If I started now with like, Oh, do you have a sore shoulder or something? And then you started talking about why you might have a sore shoulder. 

You’re triggering this little pain inside their mind, but you can apply that to anything like hypothetically, you could be a bloke that does concreting.  And he goes, Hey, do you have cracked concrete on your driveway? And then people will be like, Ohhhhh, I have cracked concrete. Then you start explaining this is why you’re having cracked concrete. And this is what could be bad stuff happened to you in the future.  

This is what makes me a better advertiser because I don’t just go out there and go, Oh, I’m selling 50 of this and that. And I’m just trying to hard sell you. 

I tried to tap into the emotion. A lot of the time people contact you purely based off the emotional kind of sell. You have to try to trigger their emotions. Like there’s other kinds of ways of getting there. 

But I find getting them at an emotional state is the best state. I have been really pushing towards more of a longer form copy these days where, you know, it’s not just a couple of lines on the Facebook newsfeed, but it’s like a whole bloody story and a paragraph where I go through this little process, kind of like a landing page where you will start and go through all these little different points.  

You also explained to users what’s happening, and this is what I’m offering you, This is what you’re going to get out of it. 

You’re basically speaking to each point of the buyer  personas area. Once you get really good at that, and you’ll find that your cost per leads on Facebook really started to go down and down and down because now you’re starting to speak to your buyer persona, not so much to every person out there that is a cold audience that you think might want to buy from you. 

Because really honestly, that’s not always the case. You’ve just got to be creative and just start thinking a bit differently. No more biased thinking. It’s not going to get you anywhere. If worse comes to worst, get someone like a mate or something that has no idea about your business and get them to drill down into it for you. And just go from there. 

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