An INSANE Linkedin A.I copywriter for viral posts

Imagine calling up your best mate and going…

“Hey mate, wanna go viral on LinkedIn?”.

And you’d be like…

“I don’t actually know how to go viral on LinkedIn?”

Well, funny enough, I do. And I literally just found this app which actually helps you generate a viral post.

And you can actually set the cringe level to be as cringy as fuck as you want. This is literally called a viral post generator and it’s actually designed for LinkedIn. So what we got to do is just slap in your responses plus what did you do today? And also the inspirational advice. Then there is a fun part called the ‘cringe level’.

Make sure you turn this thing all the way bloody up. Once that’s done, let’s press write a post and see what happens.

After a bit of waiting, this is what it pops out of the generator.

Look, it’s not too bad. I’m sure if I refined it a little, it’ll probably come up a little bit better. But anyway, it’s a great way of actually coming up with some posts where you don’t have to do it yourself and you can make them slightly cringy.

Check it out here

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Jamie Williamson

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