Why you should be using 1:1 videos on Facebook & Instagram

What’s up boys and girls? Jamie here, and today we’re going to play a little bit of a game. I’m calling this, The Shape Game. Let’s do this. All right. I know what you’re thinking. Oh, I know my little shapes. Well, guess what? I bet you don’t.

First one, what shape is this? Look. Circle. Easy. All right. Next one. What shape is this? It’s not a bloody shape, mate. It’s an Audi book. Finally, what shape is this? A square. Now, why do I bring up this? The square is the most important thing I want to talk about right now. Yes, I get it, it’s my dog’s licky mat. But we’re talking about a square right now for one reason. When you take your photos for your Facebook, for your Google, for your Instagram, that you’re going to post on your social media, post them and take them as a square photo.

We don’t want to have, when you have your phone out. This little thing here and you take your little camera. They come out like a rectangle, kind of like this video is right now. There are settings inside the phone that you can actually turn on, which makes the phone take the photo as a square, or you can even do that, or you can edit out the end. Whatever, no one cares. Taking a photo with a square actually fits a lot better on a social media fit. They are bigger. They show more real estate. And of course, it’s already perfectly matched to when you post on Instagram as well. My biggest tip is when you’re taking photos, simply frame it to be a square. You’ll find you’ll get more engagement, more views, more clicks or whatever you want onto your ads. That’s it. I’m out. Catch you later.

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