Should you include Facebook in your digital marketing strategy?

Like any advertising strategy, before you consider whether Facebook (or any advertising platform for that matter) is worth advertising on, you must first consider your client’s objectives.

Whats their goal?

Is it leads, brand awareness, engagement or any another specific objective?

Remember you were hired to produce results, not to post pretty pictures on Facebook.

Developing the right strategy for your clients objectives should be your number 1 priority.

With any single or multi-channel marketing strategy, you shouldn’t chuck in Facebook advertising because it’s one of the largest social networks in hope you’ll be seen by the right people.

You should advertise on it if it will actually benefit the client.

My advice is to have a persona development session with your client.

This is where you map out a range of made-up people which would match the clients ideal customer. There is no limit to how many personas a company may have, what matters is you accurately represent who they want to target.

To do this, map out their personalities, habits, likes, dislikes, interests and whatever else you think is relevent (even give them a name like Bob, the Handyman for example).

Next, analyse and see if any of the chosen persona’s would benefit from seeing your advertising on Facebook?

If yes, well there’s your answer – include Facebook in your advertising strategy.

Don’t use Facebook advertising because you feel you have to, use Facebook to help supplement the success of your campaigns. Simple!

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Jamie Williamson

Head Honcho @ Umped