Easter is just one big money grab

Have you ever sat back while sipping on your morning coffee and thought…Easter is just one big marketing ploy for consumers to spend a fortune on chocolate and hot cross buns?

Well, I have.

(Must be a marketing thing)


Apart from the copious amounts of chocolate, excessive binge drinking, and celebration of the ‘good ol’ times’ remising of the days when being locked up wasn’t a thing.

Easter is that one time of the year where you’ll see consumers spending ridiculous amounts of money on easter related goodies… mainly chocolate.

Think to yourself, apart from Easter what other times throughout the year would you spend as much on chocolate as you would at Easter?

You wouldn’t right?

Many businesses use Easter as an opportunity to further increase boost their sales.

And it doesn’t even matter if you have old mate offering discounted lawn mowing services or a fitness brand using the excuse to ‘burn off those extra Easter calories in style with some new activewear’

If the opportunity to increase your sales is there. Take it.

Easter drives consumers into a ‘buying frenzy’ kind of like what Christmas does to most.

It makes them a little crazy.

What basically happens is you accept the fact you’ll probably be spending more than usual therefore you’re more willing to part with the money.

But why is that the case?


The exclusivity of Easter is one of the main reasons why its so attractive to consumers. Think, how often do you see Easter bunnies and eggs being sold in the shops?

Only in the months leading up to Easter right?

And the rest of the year they’re non-existent.

This limited offering drives up the ‘want’ levels for these products.

This ‘want’ then becomes more of a ‘need’ because you know these goodies won’t be around for long.

Ever heard the word FOMO (fear of missing out)

This is exactly what is happening. You don’t want to miss out so you end up buying in.

Now, this same technique of creating FOMO should really be applied to your own marketing campaigns.

By creating exclusivity and scarcity for your offerings (no matter if its a service or a product) you increase the want and need for it.

Put your self in your ideal buyer’s shoes.

What kind of offer will make them stop whatever they’re doing and want to find out more?

Be creative, think outside the box.

It doesn’t matter if you’re selling clothes, or jam dougnuts.

There will always be a special offer that gets your ideal buyer in a ‘FOMO’ state.

Keep this in mind the next time you create a special offer. Think about the cute little Easter bunny and how it can brainwash millions of people into buying more.

Always think ‘what would the Easter bunny do’

And you’ll be on the right path to marketing success…with the help of a little bit of the not so healthy chocolatey goodness.

Picture of Jamie Williamson

Jamie Williamson

Head Honcho @ Umped