Personal Trainers here’s a super-easy way to generate leads & clients over Facebook

Personal Trainers in this video you’ll learn an easy way to generate leads and quite possibly even new clients simply by using Facebook’s lead forms.

Facebook is one of the top platforms I recommend to generate leads for all types of industries and niches.

In this case, potential new clients for personal trainers.

Lead forms on Facebook provide a super-easy way to quickly get user information in return for a product they deem valuable.

And this is where all the magic happens.

As personal trainers, there is plenty of different products you could offer a user for free in return for their personal information.

Here is a couple off the top of my head:

  • Free pre-recorded PT session using objects found in the house
  • Free ebook (pdf.) offering your best tips and tricks
  • Free pre-recorded PT session on how to get your dream rock hard 6 pack abs.
  • Free ebook (pdf.) outlining a 4 week (8, 12 week) fitness program to achieve a lean and fit body.

Literally, the list goes on.

Now, why are we offering a free product in order to get user’s personal information?


By getting there personal information like their name, email or even phone number you’ll be able to further market your services to them in the future for free.


By getting their name, you’ll be able to make your marketing more personal when you do further outreach.

By getting their email, you can send out weekly EDMs (emails) in bulk to everyone on your email list giving updates, tips and tricks and even announcing special offers you have going.

By getting their phone number you can do much the same thing however by texting. However, its not 100% essential you get their phone number unless it’s completely essential that you need it.

At first, however I recommend just gathering their name and email.

Most times users are more willing to give away their email over phone numbers. I know I’m much the same.

Now how do lead forms work? I’ll explain it in 3 easy steps:

1 – While scrolling Facebook a user sees your ad gets interested then clicks the ad.

2- A pop-up shows up on their screen with their information pre-filled (as Facebook has this information stored already) Once this information is submitted the user gets brought to a thank you page inside the same pop-up where they can be re-directed to a landing page on your website where the special offer can be claimed.

3- Once on your dedicated landing page, they’ll have the opportunity to claim the special offer you have chosen. Whether it was an ebook, free pre-recorded PT session, etc.

And that’s it!

If you want to take it one step further to get a user to take another action around your business you can do what they call an “up-sell” offer.

An up-sell offer is where you offer something more at a cost (or free)

It could be anything like:

  • Free 30min consultation
  • Free fitness test
  • Half price PT session

You get the point.

Now, why would we do this?

Because it gives you now another opportunity to then offer a higher valued product that now may turn this random user into an actual client and even make you money.

The user has already committed this much to claim the initial offer you presented.

Now they can take it a step further and further take action on your services as you may have made them interested enough to find out more.

You would place this up-sell offer also on your website but directly under the initial special offer that the user took action on in the first place. See the example right at the end of this video to get a better idea what I’m talking about.

To sum up,

Lead forms on Facebook are one of my favourite ways to generate leads quickly and easily without creating a heap of effort for the user.

I hope you enjoyed this tip!

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Jamie Williamson

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