The absolute easiest way to build your email list using Facebook

Facebook has a couple of marketing nuggets that you really should be taking advantage of. 

The little nugget we’re talking about today is ‘Lead Form’ ads

Have you ever clicked on a link on an ad when scrolling Facebook and it automatically brought up what looks like a pop-up screen with an image, some text and your information pre-filled on it?

Yep, we all have.

These are lead forms. 

When done correctly these could be used in many different ways like lead generation, event signups or what we’re talking about today… generating a massive amount of emails for your database.

Lead forms create less effort for a user to give you their information because most, if not all of the fields have already been filled out with information Facebook already knows about you.

For example:

  • First Name 
  • Last name 
  • Email address 

Etc etc.

You can however at the same time add custom fields if you require any other information from the user ie: Ask questions, their address, or if they have anything they would like to ask. 

Do as you like. 

Now how would you use these types of ads to collect emails?


Offer a FREE product or service which is so attractive the user is happy enough to give you their personal information.

Here are 3 different examples for 3 different industries.

Accountants – Offer a free ebook outlining the top “x” tips to get more money back on tax this year.

Personal Trainers – Offer a free online training session (that was pre-recorded) they can watch and train along to.

Cafe’s – Offer a voucher for a “$x” amount discount on their next visit.

No matter the industry you’re in it is super easy to come up with an attractive offer to get users information. 

The implementation is simple too!

Once a user gives you their information that you requested they get brought to a thank you page on these lead forms with a blue button where you can set an action.

Most of the time people just stick with the generic “Thanks for your email, we’ll be in touch” and stick their website CTA (call-to-action) section. 

Trust me most people probably won’t even click that link, because why should they? There’s no reason too. 


This is where we get creative, instead of saying “thanks” you’re now going to direct the user to the location of the product you’re offering. 

In most cases, this will be to your dedicated landing page on your website with a download link, video, or whatever it is you’re offering. 

And that’s it, you’re done.

It may sound hard to set up, but I promise once you know what to do it’s pretty darn easy. 

In the end its the execution that will get you the results.


  • Create a lead form ad.
  • Create an attractive offer.
  • People will get interested and take you up on it.
  • You’ll get their email, name or whatever it is you want.
  • Your email list grows quicker than just asking for peoples email to join your ’email list’

ps. a little sneaky tip for those who read this far. 

When a user lands on the landing page where they will claim the special offer. 

Have a section underneath where you can upsell a product or service you’re offering. 

Who knows, someone might take you up on it now they’ve come this far.

Need help setting up and running a campaign like this on Facebook?

Drop me an inbox.

I can help you set one up or simply just run the whole lead generation campaign for you.

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