Have you used Google’s Dynamic Search ads before?

I’m going to show you how to make one of the most insane Google Ads campaigns, which literally takes under 60 seconds, and it will seriously game change your whole account.

All right, I’m going to skip on a little fluffy setup of Google Ad campaigns, but what we want to do is go to the second step when it comes to campaign settings. And what you want to do is fill out all the details before this, then scroll all the way down to the bottom where it says Dynamic Search Ads Settings. And this is where the goal mine is. All you want to do is cheque your website.

In this case, I used my website as an example, and what we’re going to create is what they call dynamic search ads, which basically pulls a feed of your whole website that is on Google and shows ads based on what the users are searching for and sends them to the right page on your website.

Now, what I usually do is select ‘all pages’ at the start just so I can focus on ‘all pages’ on my website. What you’re going to then do is create what we call a dynamic search ad. A dynamic search ads basically generates the headlines for you based on the page title of your website and also URL.

And then all you have to really do is put some general description in position one and two, which goes well with anything on your website, and that is literally it.

So now what’s going to happen is when someone searches your ads across Google. Google is going to show these kinds of dynamic ads to the right person and send them right to the right page on your website. Now, what this is going to do for you is going to give you better ways of finding new keywords to use, better ways to target new users, and also cheaper leads.

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