5 important things to keep in mind when advertising on Facebook

Facebook advertising is a bunch of fun however before you do anything technical you should keep these 5 things in mind.

A/B Testing is king and will be your goldmine behind creating a successful campaign. Start with a baseline stat, then change one thing whether it be the image, CTA (call to action) or description. Test, find the winner, rinse and repeat. A/B will make or break a campaign. You’re going to have to constantly keep doing these tests to increase performance failing to do so may lead to your campaigns becoming stale and dropping in performance.

K.I.S.S (keep it simple silly) You’ll find most the time a simple ad creative, copy or set-up is the best way to start off. Don’t overcomplicate it too early on. By starting off basic it gives you a baseline to work off, as the campaign ages and you have got campaign changing data coming through begin to optimise and test accordingly.

Think outside the box & stand out or risk your ads not being seen at all. Facebook users on a daily see 100’s of different ads this has caused us to build an immunity to advertising which makes an advertisers job harder to build engagement and get a users eyes on their ads. If you create an ad that stands out on the newsfeed or have a catchy headline which just begs to be read you dramatically increase your chances of grabbing a users attention.

Track your metrics like a hawk. It doesn’t matter if your goal is to get leads, likes, comments or shares. Make sure you have the right tracking in place. Most times a Facebook pixel is sufficient, however for more complex user tracking setting up Google Analytics goals will help track the success of a campaign.

Finally, you’re going to fail.. a lot. But hey, thats the fun in Facebook advertising right? Don’t get yourself down, just try something new. A new goal type, a new image or even a different approach in your ad copy. Keep testing until you find a strategy that works

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