Stop being lazy and just create content

How many of you out there have thought it was way too hard to produce any kind of content, whether it’s an image post or a text post on your Facebook or Instagram?

Now stop making excuses, because it’s easier than you think.

You won’t understand how often I get the answer when I ask some of my client’s “Have you got any kind of content or video of images to use for your Facebook or Instagram page?”

And they always tell me, “Look, I haven’t had enough time. I’ve been a very busy person.”

It’s the same thing every other day of the week. We’re all busy, we all got something to do, but if you cannot make time for your own business, then why do you even bother in the first place?

That’s what I’m asking you. And a second thing is how many times you probably have your phone out during the day? How many times you’re on Snapchat? How many times you’re on your Facebook or Instagram and you still give me excuses like this, that you can’t give me any kind of content for your page.

It doesn’t require a lot of effort to actually produce good content for your page. You don’t even have to have a professional photoshoot. The number of times I’ve got away with someone just using their iPhone as a creative, like someone just taking a photo of a random object. Like based around their business, off just a camera phone is outstanding.

I even personally believe these days that you can actually run most of your ads just by taking photos from your iPhone or your Android phone.

Honestly, these natural photos that you take that look a bit more mature, a bit more candid, not so perfect produces this kind of genuine feel to you. And it gives you more of a real face, instead of just being Mr Perfect like your big brands like Coca Cola or your Nike’s and Adidas, where they’ve always got these sexy photo shoots.

I always find that these more generalized posts where it looks like it’s just being done with the camera phone always tend to work better. And this is why I always get a bit annoyed when I have a client come back to me say, “Hey, man, I don’t have enough time to get you photos right now. I’ll get you some soon. Just make it work.”

Look, it will only take 10 minutes of your time to take a couple of photos of your business. It doesn’t matter if you got a retail business.

Even if you have an online business and sell a product, you can do a little bit of behind the scenes. There are so many endless amounts of kind of content that you can pull out just by taking a quick snap of the photo, and we can just word it and make a sound much nicer.

Next time you go to your marketing agency or your freelance marketer and say, “Hey, I don’t have time for content.” Eat a bit of concrete, harden the f up and just go take a damn photo and stop complaining about it.

Picture of Jamie Williamson

Jamie Williamson

Head Honcho @ Umped