4 reasons why you should still advertise on Facebook even in a pandemic

In this video I’ll share with you the 4 biggest reason you should be advertising on Facebook right now – even with a pandemic infront of everyone of us.

Reason #1 (0:001:10) Advertising is cheaper then ever. Less competitors means less people bidding for the same spot

Reason #2 (1:102:20) Because of no competitors you can take more of the marketing share for your niche or industry

Reason #3 (2:203:20) Show people you’re there in your local area, and be there at the right time.

Reason #4 (3:20 – End) If you’ve pivoted the business model, this is the easiest way to communicate this message or any other you may have.

Picture of Jamie Williamson

Jamie Williamson

Head Honcho @ Umped