8 Tradie Marketing hacks to scale your biz in 2023 with digital marketing

Tradies, are you looking to take your business to the next level in 2023? Well you should be glad you clicked this post! You’re going to learn 8 tradie marketing secrets that will help you scale your business and attract more clients.

From leveraging social media to networking with potential partners, these strategies will give you the tools you need to grow your business and stand out in a crowded market.

So if you’re ready to turbocharge your marketing efforts and take your trades business to new heights.

Secret #1 – TikTok could make a tradie go viral overnight

As a tradie, it’s important to have a strong online presence in order to attract new clients and grow your business. TikTok can be a powerful marketing tool for tradies as it allows you to showcase your skills and services to a large and diverse audience.

TikTok can help your biz to increase brand awareness by building a following and getting your content seen by more people. There is a chance one of your TikTok videos could go viral, if it does you can attract a lot of attention and generate a tonne of buzz therefore there is potential to generate more leads in a short period of time for the service you offer.

Secret #2 – Show off your work with Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels are short-form variant of online marketing when you upload video clips of up to 15-second long to your followers. Reels can be set to music, and feature a variety of editing tools that allow users to create creative and engaging content. For small businesses, Instagram Reels can be a powerful tool for promoting their products or services online.

While Instagram Reels are prominently featured in the app, which means that they have the potential to reach a large audience. This is especially true if your Reels are featured on the app’s “Explore” page, which is where users can discover new content.

They are also designed to be fun and engaging, which makes them more likely to attract likes, comments, and shares from users. By creating compelling Reels, you can drive more engagement with your brand and increase awareness of your products or services.

Instagram Reels are a great way to showcase your products or services in action. You can use them to demonstrate how your products work, or to share behind-the-scenes glimpses of your business.

Secret #3 – Email marketing is a tradies best friend

Any tradie wishing to advertise their business should no doubt be using email marketing. In essence, it enables you to track your performance, reach a wide audience rapidly, and even strengthen existing customer ties. It’s also one of the most affordable types of digital marketing, which is a benefit. With the versatility of building customised email lists, you can communicate with your customers and develop new leads by sending newsletters, promotions, or even brief updates about your company.

Secret #4 – SEO is a long play, but so worth it

SEO, or search engine optimisation, is a long-term marketing strategy that focuses on improving the visibility of a website in search engine results pages (SERPs). While it can take time to see results from SEO efforts, it is ultimately a worthwhile investment for small businesses to generate new customers.

Did you know? When a website ranks highly in search results for relevant keywords, it is more likely to attract visitors who are actively searching for the products or services that the website offers. This means that SEO can help bring in highly targeted traffic that is more likely to convert into paying customers.

Search engine optimisation has a high ROI vs traditional marketing. This is because it targets users who are actively searching for what a business has to offer, rather than trying to reach a broad audience with a generalized message.

SEO can also improve brand credibility: Ranking highly in search results can improve the credibility of a small business. When a website appears on the first page of search results, it can be seen as a sign of authority and trustworthiness, which can help attract more customers.

Secret #5 – Google Ads will always be a tradies best friend

When you think of tradie marketing you think of Google Ads right? Google Ads is basically a paid ads service provided by Google, to display advertisements on Google and its ad network. With complete flexibility tradies can set a daily budget for the ads and only pay when someone clicks, giving full control on how much you actually spend.

Search Ads are by far one of the most popular starting points with tradies as it allows you to show up for services you offer ie: You’re a plumber in Sydney you could target “Plumber Sydney” and show your ads when someone is searching.

Google Ads also provides detailed marketing reports allowing you to dig into the number of people who saw the ads, the number of people who clicked on the ads, and the number of people who submitted a lead form or called. A man-in-a-van can use this information to analyse the effectiveness of its advertising campaigns and make necessary adjustments.

One of the best reasons why you should be using Google Ads is that it enables you to compete with bigger companies for online visibility and ad space. Small start-up tradies who may lack the large ad budgets to outspend their larger rivals on conventional types of advertising may find this type of advertising perfect when starting out.

Secret #6 – A.I is coming and we shouldn’t be scared

Artificial intelligence, or AI, describes a machine’s capacity to carry out operations that ordinarily require intelligence comparable to that of a human, such as language comprehension, object recognition, and decision-making. 

Long story short, it can do a lot of smart things really quickly which in most cases is faster than humans. 

AI is going to play a big part in marketing for tradies in the future as it will allow you to automate operations and procedures, saving time that can be used to make money and run your business. You may use AI, for instance, to automate customer care requests or to analyse data and spot patterns and trends.

AI can also help to make more informed decisions by providing accurate and up-to-date data and analysis. For example, let’s take an electrician who is curious to see what products (or particular services) convert the best in different suburbs. Here the A.I will be able to analyse and provide feedback on where you could increase profitability – as the AI can get you an answer in literally a few seconds, this could save you hours of analysis. 

Curious to find out more? Google ChatGPT or Open Ai

Secret #7 – Create value inside of local Facebook groups. Don’t just promote your business.

You can join local Facebook groups to get in front of potential customers simply by actively participating in them. 

A handy tip is to start by sharing helpful information, tips, and resources related to your business or industry. You can establish yourself as a knowledgeable and trusted source of information. This can help to build your reputation and attract potential customers.

Engage, engage, engage! By participating in discussions and commenting on posts, you can build relationships with other group members and establish yourself as a friendly and approachable business owner.

Offer special deals and promotions exclusively to members of the group, you can encourage people to take action and visit your business.

Share updates about your business such as new products or services, special events, or promotions. You can keep your business top-of-mind for group members and encourage them to visit your business.

Overall, by actively participating in local Facebook groups and offering value to group members, a tradesman can generate enquires and attract new customers.

Secret #8 – Grow your business with a CRM

A CRM, aka customer relationship management, is a tool that helps businesses manage and analyse customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle. 

It allows a small business to manage customer interactions and data in a centralised location, making it easier to track and analyse customer information. This can help the business to better understand its customers and serve them more effectively.

It can help optimise, automate tasks and processes related to lead management, freeing up time and resources that can be used more effectively elsewhere.

A CRM also allows team members to share and access customer information, helping to improve communication and teamwork within the business.

Overall, using a CRM can help a small business to better manage and serve its customers, leading to increased efficiency, improved collaboration, and better decision-making.

Check out Zoho or Hubspot if you would like a good starting CRM for your business.

Tradie marketing will game-change your biz in 2023

Tradies, it’s time to take your business to the next level in 2023! By following these 8 marketing secrets, you can leverage social media, email marketing, SEO, Google Ads, and more to attract more leads and stand out in a crowded market.

From showcasing your skills on TikTok and Instagram Reels, to improving your website’s visibility with SEO and driving targeted traffic with Google Ads, these strategies will give you the tools you need to grow your business and succeed in the digital age.

So if you’re ready to turbocharge your marketing efforts and take your trades business to new heights, start implementing these secrets today!

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